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Mad Millie Fresh Cheese Making Kit

Mad Millie Fresh Cheese Making Kit


Did you know that cheese making is one of the earliest examples of biotechnology? You can now experience the fun of making your own cheese at home with Mad Millie's Fresh Cheese Making Kit!

A great gift for any cheese lover! With the Fresh Cheese Making Kit you can make your own high quality fresh cheese from your own kitchen. Learn all about the processes involved like setting, heating, stretching or how the added cultures and enzymes help create your cheese. The Fresh Cheese Making Kit contains all the tools you need to create 7kg of fresh cheese (just add fresh milk). Churn out your own homemade Feta, Halloumi, Cream cheese and Cottage Cheese. This kit is for any experience level allowing anyone to bring fresh cheesy goodness into their home.

This Kit includes:
• Cheese Cloth
• Cheese Salt
• Square Feta Moulds (2)
• Steriliser
• Mesophillic Starter Culture
• Vegetarian Rennet Tablets (10)
• Stainless Steel Thermometer
• Cheese Mat • Calcium Chloride
• Pipette • Culture and Enzyme Measuring Spoons
• Kit Instructions and Recipes

Packaging size: 240 x 152 x 130mm

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