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If you're into miniatures and thought blocks were too chunky, think again! If you love brick-building, take your passion to a whole new level! With these micro-sized building blocks, small models still have great features! Even if your house is groaning with models, we're sure you'll find room for these, which is just as well because you'll probably want to collect them all. Each set includes detailed colour instructions and spare pieces.

Nanoblocks kits have amazingly tiny building bricks, with the smallest being just 4 x 4 x 3mm high. There is a wide range of replica models of animals, insects, buildings, vehicles and instruments for you to build and collect.

Due to the small size of the building bricks Nanoblock sets are not suitable for children under 12 years of age. Nanoblock designs require care and patience to complete and the finished models need careful handling.


Acoustic Guitar - Nanoblock
African Elephant - Nanoblock
Alpaca - Nanoblock
Alto Saxophone - Nanoblock
Asian Giant Hornet - Nanoblock
Bengal Tiger - Nanoblock
Big Ben - Nanoblock
Bottlenose Dolphin - Nanoblock
Brandenburger Tor (Gate) - Nanoblock
Budgerigar - Nanoblock
Clear Colour Set - Nanoblock
Clown Fish - Nanoblock
Deluxe Space Center - Nanoblock
Deluxe Space Center - Nanoblock
Market price: $99.00 save 30%
Dragon - Nanoblock
Drum Set - Nanoblock