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Oblo Puzzle Sphere

Oblo Puzzle Sphere


Oblo is the award-winning 3D spherical puzzle that challenges and inspires kids of all ages. Oblo is also an engaging, didactic puzzle ideal for growing minds. Colourful layers of spheres create a compelling 3D puzzle.

To graduate from one layer to the next, users must find the correct position for each piece to progressively build spheres within spheres. The unravelling discovery happens when taking the puzzle apart; and like fitting keys into keyholes, the true mental challenge occurs when putting the four-ball puzzle back together.

Oblo consist of 21 pieces.

Recommended for ages five and over. Not suitable for children under three years of age.

Puzzle size: smallest sphere: 150mm, largest sphere: 275mm

Packaging size: 160 x 110 x 110mm

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