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Science Activity Kits


4D Vision - Crocodile Anatomy Model
4D Vision - Great White Shark Anatomy Model
4D Vision - T-Rex Anatomy Model
6 in 1 Robot Solar Kit
Air Power Engine Car
Anatomy Lab Kit - Science Museum
Animalcat Vertebrate Animal Wheel
Ant City
Ant City
Aura Quartz Cluster Boxed
Australia Map Wheel
Australia Map Wheel
Market price: $20.00 save 40%
Buzzing Magnets
Chemistry 200 Experiments - Science Museum
Chemistry C1000 Kit
Chemistry C2000 Kit
Chemistry C3000 Kit
Chemistry C500 Kit
Chemistry Kit
Chemistry Kit
Chemistry Laboratory
Chemistry Plus Kit
Climate and Weather Kit
Clip Circuit Advanced Lab 180 Kit
Clip Circuit Electro Lab 80 Kit
Clip Circuit Intelligent Rover Kit
Clip Circuit Starter Lab Kit
Come To Your Senses
Cool Circuits
Cool Circuits
Cosmic Rocket Kit
Crazy Science Kit
Create Your Own Crystals
Creepy Crawlies Microscope Slides
Creepy Crawlies Microscope Slides
Market price: $27.00 save 26%
Crocodile Skeleton Kit
Crystal Creation
Crystal Laboratory Kit
Crystal Mining Kit
Eco Forensic Lab
Eco Forensic Lab
Market price: $30.00 save 40%
Eco Science Toys Kit
Electric Buzzer Kit - Ein-O Science
Electric Motor Kit - Ein-O Science
Electric Sound - Ein-O Science
Electricity and Magnetism
Electricity Kit
Electromagnet - Ein-O Science
Energy Kit
Energy Kit