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What's Science All About?

What's Science All About?
What's Science All About Inside Pages


This book is an introduction to the world of science and explores in detail, biology, chemistry and physics. Discover what's around you and how it works - from the tiniest particles to stars and planets, and even life itself.

What's Science all about? Consists of the biology, physics and chemistry publications all in one book. The biology section explores life, what it is, how it works and lives together and where it came from, including plants and animals. The chemistry section explores the different types of elements, how they react with each other and what they're made of, down to particles so small that we can hardly even imagine them. The physics section explores the concepts of force, energy, electricity and space.


The colourful pages are filled with humorous illustrations and fun facts. This wonderful book is filled with simple engaging science experiments, helping keep children interested as they make their way through the intriguing and insightful pages.

Recommended for ages 11 and over. Adult supervision is recommended while undertaking the experiments.

Book size: 230 x 165 x 22mm

288 pages

Written by: Alex Frith, Hazel Maskell, Lisa Gillespie and Kate Davies
Illustrated by: Adam Larkum
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781409547082

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