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Metal Earth

Originally known as Metal Works, the Metal Earth series are 3D models you build from laser cut steel sheets. Incredibly detailed, these fascinating models are definitely a challenge to build. Care and patience are required, but the results are well worth the effort. Long-nosed pliers are also recommended (not included).

As a souvenir with a difference (or inspiration to save for a world trip!), a reminder of family history or just a beautiful object with the satisfaction of knowing you built it yourself, why not start a collection? 


Big Ben - Metal Earth
Black Pearl - Metal Earth
Cessna 172 - Metal Earth
Dragonfly - Metal Earth
Eiffel Tower - Metal Earth
Ferris Wheel - Metal Earth
Fokker D-VII - Metal Earth
Golden Gate Bridge - Metal Earth
Jet Airplane - Metal Earth
Lighthouse - Metal Earth
Mars Rover - Metal Earth
Mitsubishi Zero - Metal Earth
Model T Ford - Metal Earth
Neuschwanstein Castle - Metal Earth
Praying Mantis - Metal Earth