Australian Curriculum Codes

Australian Curriculum codes that relate to Questacon’s shows, exhibitions and workshops have been listed throughout the Questacon website with curriculum codes for:

To find a show, workshop or exhibit that matches a specific code in Science or Mathematics, type your code (e.g. ACSSU155) into the search box below, or any other term that you are interested in. You may also search from the top right hand corner of the screen when navigating throughout the site. A list of Questacon programmes that link to your code will be displayed and each code is hyperlinked to the Australian Curriculum website with Content descriptions and Elaborations for that code.

On the Questacon website, we’ve used the terminology of ‘core codes’ and ‘related codes’ which does not relate to ACARA’s terminology. On our website, ‘core codes’ indicate content that is strongly covered within the show, exhibition or workshop. These ‘core codes’ tend to be drawn from the strand of Science Understanding. The ‘related codes’ indicate content that is sometimes covered within a show or exhibit, depending on how the experience is facilitated. The ‘related codes’ tend to relate to the strands of Science Inquiry Skills and Science as a Human Endeavour.

If your state or territory’s curriculum is based upon the Australian Curriculum, please check your state’s curriculum documents for embedded Australian Curriculum codes, which use the following format, where XXX represents 3 digits.

  • ACSSUXXX = Science Understanding strand
  • ACSISXXX = Science Inquiry Skills strand
  • ACSHEXXX = Science as a Human Endeavour strand
  • ACMNXXX = Mathematics Number and Algebra strand
  • ACMMGXXX = Mathematics Measurement and Geometry strand
  • ACMSPXXX = Mathematics Statistics and Probability strand