A woman with blond hair, wearing a black t-shirt and holding a microphone is standing in front of a green and white sign. To the right is the logo for Inspiring Australia

Inspiring Australia

Questacon as the National Science and Technology Centre plays an important role in delivering activities to support the Australian Government's science agenda, working to make the most of our nation’s investment in and capacity for science and research. Questacon seeks to inspire and provide opportunities for Australians to engage with STEM, and through the Inspiring Australia – Science Engagement Programme, plays a vital role in advocating for and connecting national networks.

We are proud to support and advocate for the national Inspiring Australia networks and to work as a national hub building connections; hosting and supporting national STEM events, discussions and forums; celebrating excellence in achievement; and profiling inspirational scientists, innovators and teachers including women in STEM. Whilst Questacon welcomes over 500,000 people through our front doors each year, we support and reach out to many millions more through the national Inspiring Australia infrastructure, through our facilitation and coordination of National Science Week, and through our touring outreach and exhibition programs.

Together with local communities, science and research agencies, education providers, industry and business sectors, and many others, Questacon supports Inspiring Australia to harness the strengths of the science engagement community to improve the coordination and impact of science engagement activities.