Old photos of various people in suits standing beside one another at the opening of a building. Text reads Questacon-Japan Relationship 1988.



In January, Questacon participated in a high-bandwidth live link with Dr Mohri, during his visit to Japan’s Syowa Base in Antarctica. Audiences at Questacon in Canberra, Miraikan in Tokyo and the National Science Museum in Bangkok shared in some real-time experiments conducted by Dr Mohri.

In January, Mr Toshiaki Endo, Senior Vice Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology visited Questacon. The visit initiated the restoration of an interactive Karakuri doll. The doll was a gift to Questacon at the time of its opening and will be restored for future display.

In February, Professor Durant, conducted a Peer Consultation and Review of Miraikan, on behalf of the Association of Science-Technology Centres. Professor Durant met with senior government officers to discuss future cooperation activities. Questacon’s Education and Strategic Communications Manager presented a keynote address on The future of learning: an emerging role for science museums and informal learning institutions at an International Symposium on Museum Communication hosted by The National Science Museum.

In March, Dr Mohri provided a pre-recorded message for an event hosted by Questacon to celebrate the commencement of International Polar Year and to launch Project IGLO (International Action on GLObal Warming) in the Asia Pacific region. Miraikan worked with Japanese school students to produce a video highlighting local climate change impacts, as part of a Questacon project entitled climateXchange.

In May, Questacon received the 2006 ICOM Australia Award for International Relations in recognition of Questacon’s outstanding cooperative initiatives with science centres in Asia and the Pacific, and particularly its collaborative projects with Japanese museums.

In June, Miraikan hosted the Conference of the Asia Pacific Network of Science and Technology Centres (ASPAC). The National Science Museum facilitated part of the program. Science centre and museum leaders from the Asia Pacific region and beyond participated.