Old photos of various people in suits standing beside one another at the opening of a building. Text reads Questacon-Japan Relationship 1988.


A group of Japanese men and women pose for a photo with a birthday cake and a picture of an emu in the centre.

In March, a delegation from several Japanese universities and the Marine Learning visited Questacon Centre to discuss trends in science and tech communications activities implemented at higher education institutions, science centre organisational structures and evaluation processes.

In July, Questacon hosted a virtual birthday party to congratulate Miraikan Science Centre in Tokyo, Japan on their 10th Anniversary. Via videoconference link-up, Questacon presented Miraikan with a birthday gift of an emu illusion, a surprising birthday cake that went off with a bang and congratulatory wishes. In October, seven parliamentarians, members of the Japanese House of Councillors (equivalent to the Senate) and five support staff, visited the Centre as guests of the Australian Parliament. During 2011, Questacon’s Excited Particles hosted Megumi Ohashi, of Hamamatsu Science Museum, on a professional development exchange program