Chickens and Eggs

Try This At Home

Spinning Eggs: How can you tell if an egg is cooked or raw?

You Will Need

  • A raw egg
  • A hardboiled egg
  • A hard surface to spin the eggs on
  • A bottle of frozen water
  • A bottle half full of water

What to Do

  1. Try to work out which egg is the boiled one.
  2. Can you tell just by holding them or shaking them? Feel and listen.
  3. Try to spin the eggs on a hard surface. Be careful they don’t slide off and break on the floor!
  4. The boiled egg is the one that spins the fastest.

What’s Happening?

The raw egg is liquid inside so when you try to spin it the liquid sloshes around and slows the egg down. The boiled egg is hard inside so it should spin much faster.

Discover More

Now try to spin the two bottles. The bottle of ice is just like the boiled egg while the bottle of water is like the raw egg - the water sloshing around inside slows it down so it won’t spin very well.