All ages

Australia in Space

Australia in Space is Questacon’s newest hands-on exhibition. It celebrates the Australian space sector and explores the benefits of space technologies here on Earth. Discover the ingenious ways that Australia is contributing to the global space industry, and discover the inspiring innovators and researchers behind our success. At Australia in Space, the sky is no longer the limit!

Australia in Space is now open, and you can explore this exhibition with a general admission ticket.

Australia in Space is divided into three zones, each exploring a different realm of Australian space operations and expertise.

Lift Off

Discover what Australia is sending to space and how we do it.

  • Be inspired by cutting-edge Australian aerospace propulsion systems;
  • Learn about atmospheric drag on vehicles travelling to and from Earth;
  • Be amazed by the frequency of rocket launches with an airport-inspired Earth Departures Board;
  • Discover the satellites around us right now.

In Orbit

Explore the challenges of operating in orbit, and Australian innovations in space.

  • Discover the impacts space has on the human body;
  • Find out how people live and work in space;
  • Use a ‘zero-gravity’ illusion to take a photo appearing as if you were on a space station above Australia;
  • Explore the astonishing number of objects orbiting Earth.

Earth & Beyond

Learn how Australia’s location and local expertise give us a unique advantage in space operations.

  • Use a virtual antenna to ‘link up’ with deep space missions;
  • Direct satellite communications in a laser-based puzzle game;
  • Learn about Australian innovators using space technologies to improve life on Earth;
  • Uncover how Earth observations from space are changing the ways we live, work and understand our planet;
  • Tackle space junk with a friend in a cooperative computer game; and
  • Drive a simulated Mars rover.