Einstein Sculpture

A metal sculpture of Albert Einstein's head and shoulders sitting on a concrete pillar with the scientific equation "E = mc squared" written on the pillar.
A side on view of an Albert Einstein head and shoulders sculpture, where in this side view, the sculpture takes the shape of a dove.

A three dimensional sculpture of Einstein's face reveals a second image when viewed from a different angle.

How it works

Watch the sculpture as you walk past it.

Things to try or ask around the exhibit

  • Do you recognise the person in this sculpture?
  • What is the second image you can find in the sculpture?
  • What does the second symbol represent and how does it relate to this famous person?


Albert Einstein asked probing questions and wrote laws about the Universe. He carried out physics experiments in his mind and changed our concepts of time and space, energy and matter. In 1905, his ‘miracle’ year, he published five groundbreaking scientific papers.

Finding the science in your world

Einstein was also a respected and committed pacifist (campaigner for peace). He lobbied for nuclear disarmament and supported the United Nations, believing that international conflict could be solved by world law and a world government.