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The Moon

People viewing the Moon exhibit at Questacon

Come and see the Moon up close and personal at Questacon. Created as an oasis of calm in a sea of boundless enthusiasm, our newest gallery lets you recline and take in all the details of the giant glowing moon. Moon gaze from every angle - you can even visit the far side. You will be mesmerised by detailed NASA imagery of the lunar surface. Find your favourite crater (there are over 30000!) or where the Apollo missions landed.

The Moon has always been part of the human experience - generating awe, wonder and even terror amongst people. One of our greatest scientific achievements was to put humans on the Moon - and bring them home again. This feat alone has put the Moon forever in our minds as an icon of what the human spirit can achieve.

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Apollo 11, 50th Anniversary Exhibition under the moon


Commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the moon landing with the Apollo 11 Exhibition under the Moon.

The anniversary display celebrates the work of the mathematicians, engineers and scientists that achieved what many thought was impossible.



The moon landing was a triumph of science, technology and methodical persistence.

See models, computers and artefacts of the era; Marvel at the equations that took us there - and that brought us safely back again.

Discover how gravity affects weight, the importance of thrust in rocketry, and how to balance a space capsule to achieve a perfect landing!

Launch a pinball 'rocket' to the Moon!

Join us for this trip back in time and out into space with this educational exhibition.

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