Man and Lady building a box fort and smiling


Box Fort! Who said Questacon is just for kids?

by Milly

A circuit of a motor and battery taped onto a piece of cardboard

Good Vibrations

Tinkering with vibrating robots... or vibrobots!

by Michael

A visitor tinkers with their sculpture to improve how it balances on a zip line


What do cheeky children on see-saws and terrifying trapeze artists have in common? Balance!

by Tam

Tinkering sign

Introducing ‘The Shed’: tinkering with tinkering

Today – Monday 12 September 2016 – marks the first day for open for Questacon’s newest space: The Shed.

by Michael

Close-up of a piece of skirting board stuck to a sheet of pegboard

Ball Runs

In The Shed we’ve been tinkering with a seemingly simple concept: getting a ball from the top of a sheet of pegboard to the bott

by Michael

Three terrariums hung from a pegboard

Tinkerable Terrariums

Budding idea

by Bree

The Shed Gallery’s 2nd Birthday

The Shed has developed more than 25 tinker activities since its inception two years ago encompassing a wide variety of disciplin

by Tam Connor