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Byte Wise

Exhibit with cylinders containing weighted strings

Have you ever had to turn something off and on again to fix it? Why did that work?

Find out at Byte Wise as it explores maths and computational thinking at Questacon this summer, all thanks to Supporting Partner Samsung Electronics Australia.

Count in binary and take on a mechanical computer in a battle of wits. Learn about the maths behind the perfect hole in one in mini-golf—and the maths behind how to make the shot impossible!

Sort your friends and family with the algorithm search engines use to sort information, and find out about the geometry that’s saving us all from giant spiders.

See how digital screens display their images—and until 1 March 2017, go into the running to see it in action on your new Samsung HDTV!

Visit Mathamazing and Byte Wise at Questacon to be in the running to win a 65 inch Samsung Series 9 SUHD curved TV valued at $6299! Visiting school groups will have the chance to win a 65 inch Samsung interactive smartboard and a class set of 30 Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablets, valued at a total of $11,599.

Find colourful new ways to put computational thinking on the map at Byte Wise this summer.