Gallery 8

H2O—Soak Up the Science

H2O—Soak Up the Science is Questacon's permanent exhibition about water and how it shapes our lives and landscapes. Get hands on and boil water, launch a hydrogen rocket, pump water towards the ceiling and reveal how much water is used to manufacture food and clothing.

Water may seem to be a common chemical, but it has some uncommon properties. We rely on freshwater for survival without realising how precious and rare it can be to find. Some exhibits in H2O explore whether plentiful seawater and waste water can be efficiently converted into freshwater for our use.

Check out the related travelling exhibition Our Water.


Teachers Notes

A summary of H2O exhibits including key themes and National Curriculum links are available to download in Word and PDF documents.

Questacon—H2O Teachers Notes PDF 145 kB | Questacon—H2O Teachers Notes Word 112 kB

Australian Curriculum Codes

'Core codes' are directly related to information found in this exhibition. 'Related codes' are related to information which may be found in this exhibition.