Questacon Membership Details

Science underpins the future prosperity of our nation. Questacon's members help us achieve our vision of a better future for all Australians through engagement with science, technology and innovation. 

Become a Questacon insider and receive some great benefits.

Your Q Club membership includes:

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How to Join

  • In person: See our ticket desk staff and they will sign you up on the spot. You can enjoy the benefits of your membership immediately.
  • Via email: email us at and we will send you an application form.
  • Over the phone: please call us on 02 6270 2874 to discuss your circumstances and options. 
  • Please note that applications require written consent to the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Disclosure Statement.

Try before you buy

If you decide you would like to become a member while visiting on a regular, daily ticket you can upgrade to a membership by paying the difference. See our ticket desk staff for more details.

The following terms and conditions apply when upgrading a daily ticket to a membership

  1. You can only upgrade a daily ticket to a membership ON THE DAY of your visit
  2. You must present your admission ticket (either physical receipt or online ticket) to the information desk by 4.30pm on the day of your visit
  3. The discount when upgrading a daily ticket will consist of a refund of the daily admission price commensurate with the membership category purchased. When purchasing a Single Parent Family membership, the refund shall be the aggregate price of the daily entrance tickets purchased not exceeding the price of a family daily ticket.

Gift Memberships

If you would like to give a membership please purchase a gift card from the Questacon Shop. The shop can mail the card to any address you specify with a personalised message. The gift card can be used to purchase a Questacon Membership.


Join Q Club and you can visit and enjoy our exhibits as often as you like. Our memberships represent excellent value for regular visitors. There are also discounts available for members who renew their membership.

Q Club Membership Options
  1 Year 2 Years
New Member Continuing Member ** New Member Continuing Member **
Individual $113 $88.50 $183 $150
Concession $59 $54 $105 $95
2A + 3C *
$160 $127.50 $260 $218
Single Parent Family
1A + 3C *
$130 $106 $215 $190
Additional Child $17 $17 $28 $25

* Additional children are for the fourth, fifth, sixth, etc. child in a Family or Single Parent Family categories. Additional children cannot be added to Individual or Concession categories.

** To be eligible membership must be renewed within one month of expiry.

Mini Q Sessions

During peak visitation periods, such as school holidays and public holiday weekends, we conduct timed sessions in Mini Q.

These sessions are 30 minutes long and run throughout the day. Queuing for sessions opens at Mini Q 15 minutes before the session commences. This allows us to maintain the safety and enjoyment of all those visiting Mini Q.

Please note sessions are popular and cannot be pre-booked. We reccomend visiting in the afternoons for a quieter experience. Entry to Mini Q is at no additional cost once a Questacon entry ticket or membership has been purchased.

Children who are under 4 years old at the membership expiry date are not required on a family membership—they can enter free of charge!


Call Q Club or send an email to:

Terms and Conditions

  1. Entry to a Questacon venue as a Questacon member (Q Club) requires a current membership along with photographic identification and proof of entitlement to any concession benefits.
  2. Questacon members (Q Club) may have to pay an additional fee for Questacon special events or programmes that are not included in a daily general admission ticket.
  3. All Questacon memberships (Q Club) are non-transferable. Only the person/s listed on a membership can access membership benefits.
  4. Questacon membership (Q Club) is non-refundable.
  5. Reproduction of a Questacon (Q Club) membership card in any form is strictly prohibited.
  6. Questacon may terminate a Questacon membership (Q Club) if a member: fails to comply with these terms and conditions; abuses any privilege afforded to them under the Membership programme; or misuses their membership card or breaches the conditions of entry of Questacon.
  7. Members are responsible for ensuring the details of their Questacon membership (Q Club) are correct at all times.
  8. Questacon reserves the right to update or change these terms & conditions of membership benefits at any time without notice.
  9. Reciprocal benefits are subject to change without notice.