Dinostory Puppet Shows

two dinosaur puppets.

Our most popular and longest running series of puppet shows featuring Mutty the Muttaburrasaur Mutty. Mutty will perform and host a fun filled fact and learning session. (Mutty, by the way, is a puppet. He's a bit sensitive about that though so shhh... don't tell!)

Dinostory - The Fellowship of the Egg

Mutty the Muttaburrasaur has lost his mother's eggs! Join Mutty and his dinosaur friends on their big adventure to get them back.

Dinostory II - Lord of The Wings

 Mutty the Muttaburrasaur looks to the skies and wishes he could fly.

Dinostory III - Lord of The Wings   

Mutty the Muttaburrasaur goes on an adventure and makes a surprising new friend."

Dinostory IV - Waltzing Muttaburrasaur

Mutty the Muttaburrasaur is caught in a stampede. Will he escape from the rampaging Allosaures?

Dinostory V - Live & Let Dinosaur

The ultimate conflict of dinosaurs Vs mammals.

Dinostory VI - The Lizard of Oz

Travel back in time with Mutty the Muttaburrasaur to prehistoric Australia.

Have you thought about

  • What did muttaburrasaurs look like?
  • What did muttaburrasaurs eat?
  • What is the difference between a herbivore and a carnivore?
  • What are the names of some Australian dinosaurs?

Learn about

What different dinosaurs looked like and how they behaved.



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