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Science Time

Children holding a looking at a spiny leaf insect. About Science Time

Science Time is a fun and interactive learning experience for little scientists aged 3 - 5 years old and their carers. Just like real scientists, children explore their world and ask lots of questions. Science Time lets children participate in hands-on science activities that include experimenting and discovering. During Science Time children will learn about the world around them and the science in everyday life, in a friendly and inclusive environment.



Days: Science Time is held every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday during ACT school terms (Science Time is not held on Mondays, Public Holidays or weekends).

Times: Science Time session times are 9.30am, 10.30am and 11.30am. Science Time sessions run for approximately 40 minutes.

Cost: Science Time is a free program available to anyone who has paid the entry fee to Questacon or has a membership to Questacon.



There are limited tickets for Science Time at the front desk on most days. These tickets are primarily intended for out of state visitors or people new to Science Time. We encouraged everyone to BOOK IN (below) to secure a place for your child in Science Time. Tickets at the front desk are not guaranteed.



Booking for the first topic of Term 1, 2019 open on Friday 15 February at 8am. Booking for each topic will open approximately a week before that topic begins (check dates below) and close on the Monday of that week at 11pm.

Only book in children aged between 3 – 5 years old. Adults and younger siblings do not need to book a place.

Book online below by clicking on the topic's week A or week B dates.

You will need to book into every topic separately. There is no difference in content between Week A and Week B of each topic—please only book once per topic.

When you have booked you will receive a confirmation email (please check your junk mail box, just in case your email software thinks our email is spam). If you do not receive an email straight away, please call us on 6270 2828. Any other enquiries can be sent to


Please ensure you cancel your booking if you can’t attend. To cancel a booking please email us at or call 6270 2828. To change a booking please re-book online for another session time then email us to cancel your original booking.


"Space Time" Under the Moon: Early Childhood Sessions in Moon Gallery

Science Time will not run from 12 February to 22 February, 2019. Instead, we will be running early childhood "Space Time" Under the Moon sessions in the Moon Gallery. These sessions are designed for children aged 3 to 5 years old and their carers. Sessions will run for 30 minutes at 9.15am and 10am on Tuesday 12th, Wednesday 13th, Friday 15th, Tuesday 19th, Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st. You can book into sessions as usual (below) and there will be limited tickets avaialble at the front desk. 

Bookings open 1 February for "Space Time"

Week A: Tuesday 12 Feb, Wednesday 13 Feb, Friday 15 Feb Online bookings close 11 February

Week B: Tuesday 19 Feb, Wednesday 20 Feb, Thursday 21 Feb Online bookings close 18 February


Book into Science Time Term 1 2019

Music & Sound

Bookings open 18 February

Week A: Tuesday 26 February - Friday 1 March Online bookings close 25 February * NB: Science Time will be held in the Members Lounge for this week ONLY

Week B: Tuesday 5 March - Friday 8 March Online bookings close 4 March *NB Science Time will not be held on Wednesday of this week


Inside the Body

Bookings open 1 March

Week A Tuesday 12 March - Friday 15 March  Online bookings close 11 March

Week B: Tuesday19 March - Friday 22 March  Online bookings close 21 March


Magnets & Static Electricity

Bookings open 15 March

Week A: Tuesday 26 March - Friday 29 March Online bookings close 25 March

Week B: Tuesday 2 April - Friday 5 April Online bookings close 1 April



Science Time Visits Videos

Watch our new Science Time Visits Videos to see the Science Time team visiting interesting places and people in our community and investigating the science in everyday life. Videos include Science Time Visits the Guide Dogs, the Chicken Coop, The Blood Bank, The Bee Keeper, The Moon and more... Enjoy!

Science Time Session Videos

Each of our Science Time topics has an online video which children are encouraged to watch after their session to reinforce the science concepts they learned during the session. Repetition is a powerful educational tool for young children. The videos cover the same science concepts discussed in the sessions and also have extra bits too! Many families who don't live in Canberra, who can't visit Science Time regularly, also watch the online Science Time videos. Click here Science Time Session Videos to watch each topic, and be sure to look at the activity sheets and colouring-ins as well!