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Questacon - The National Science and Technology Centre

Festival of Questacon

Saturday 24 November
8:30am - 5:30pm

Questacon - The National Science and Technology Centre is turning 30! Help celebrate this milestone by taking part in the Festival of Questacon. There will be science shows, food stalls, science busking and interactive science activities for everyone.

The Festival of Questacon is a FREE event and will excite, entertain and inspire!

Shell Questacon
Science Circus Shows

Fun and interactive science shows for all ages. Witness the amazing science of bubbles, liquid nitrogen and more. Shows will run approximately every 30 minutes from 9.30 am.

Spectacular Science Shows

Enjoy live interactive shows full of fun, excitement and science from Questacon's Excited Particles! Shows will run approximately every hour from 9.30 am to 4:30pm.

Shell Questacon Science
Circus Hands On Exhibits

See the HUGE Science Circus truck that we use to travel all over the country and explore the fun hands-on exhibits we keep inside!

Questacon Maker Project's
Radical Rocket Designs

3... 2... 1... Blast off! Design, make and launch your very own rockets into space.

Food and Drinks Market

Tasty food and drink options from great local vendors including; La Empanada, Le Petit Breton, Bao by Asian Tiger, Cannoli Brothers, Loose Gourmet Churros, Soul Cartel, MegaBites Café, Canberra Magic Kitchen and Bellair Coffee!

Maker Market

Explore some amazing creations available for sale, all made by local artists. Check out Shirty Science's great range of tees, Botanic Twist's unique jewellery, tasty looking mushrooms from Fungi Co, and beautiful glass creations from the Canberra Glassworks!

National Zoo and Aquarium

Meet some of their resident reptiles, maybe even hold a snake and learn about all things animals! It’s a touching experience!

NatureArt Lab

NatureArt Lab will provide a drawing and observation program with live stick insects. Learn about our amazing Australian stick insects and meet our artists and entomologists.

Cool Aeronautics

Have you ever wondered what aircraft are made from, wanted to fly an F/A-18 or take a walk on the Moon? Aerospace professionals are ready to answer questions, provide career tips and more!


Join Scouts ACT for some SciScouts Engineering fun building spaghetti towers and some cool pioneering construction. Find out how Scouts is more than just camping and knots!

Undergrowth Education

Undergrowth Education will provide an insight into the world of Spiders! Come check out their eight legged friends in a safe and educational environment.

Pop-up Festival Shop

Visit the pop-up Festival shop to purchase some fabulous fairy floss! The pop-up shop will also be offering limited edition 30th Anniversary collectables and some all-time best selling products.

Blue Building Blocks

Get your imagination into full swing with Questacon's Blue Blocks activity! From castles and tunnels to balls runs and skyscrapers, anything you can think of you can build! Build up to the sky, and revel in knocking it down to the ground!

Outdoor Discovery Missions

Have fun in the sun discovering the science that surrounds us with Questacon's Walks of Wonder or Nature Play Passport. With secret missions and local institution and garden tours, these self-guided activities can be completed using their accompanying app.

Face Painting

Add some colour to your day with a science-themed face painting!

Dr Scar

Visit the doctor for gory and gruesome wounds and scarring incidents. Dr Scar uses theatrical makeup to explore the science behind bruising, black eyes, platelets, pus, and more.

Flightless Fairy

The Questacon fairy cannot fly because she's lost her fairy dust! Chat to her about the science behind how things fly.

Questacon Volunteers

Questacon's volunteers will be winding back the clock with a variety of science demonstrations, from yesteryear and others looking towards the future. Keep an eye out throughout Questacon for bubbles, Segways and robots!

Coloured Blocks

Bring out your inner engineer! With thousands of coloured wooden blocks to play with. Build your own castle, rainbow road, or challenge your family and friends to see who can build the tallest tower or the longest dominoes run.

Science Time

9.00 am to 2.00 pm (3 - 6 years) Participate in hands-on science activities with experimentation and discovery to learn about the world around you and the science in everyday life!