Building and Engineering

Try This At Home

Make a House out Of Paper.

You usually need strong materials, such as bricks, to build a strong house. However, you can build a house out of paper (which isn’t very strong) if you use strong shapes. Strong shapes in building include round tubes and triangles. Follow the directions below and build a house using paper and strong shapes.

You Will Need

  • Five pieces of A4 paper
  • Sticky tape
  • A small toy
  • Wooden or Lego blocks

What To Do

Find a small toy that you would like to build a house for.

  • Use four sheets of paper to make the walls. The paper won’t stand up by itself; it will keep falling down.
  • To make the paper stronger and able to stand up by itself fold them into strong round tubes. Fold the four pieces of paper (one at a time) in half (long ways) then roll up into a tube (about the size of a toilet roll). Sticky tape it together. Now use the four tubes as the four corners of the house.
  • Put a piece of paper on top as the roof and it will hold in place. Now place a block on top of the roof to be the chimney. The roof will collapse under the weight of the block.
  • You can make the roof stronger by folding it into strong triangle shapes. Fold the paper in a concertina shape, back and forth like a fan. There will be many little triangle shapes in the paper now and this will make it stronger. Put the new folded roof onto the tubes and place the chimney block on top of the roof. It will now hold because the roof is made of strong triangle shapes.
  • Now your toys can live safely inside the strong paper house.

Did You Know?

  • Triangles, tubes, arches and domes are also strong shapes to use when building.
  • The tallest building in Canberra is Telstra Tower at 195 metres tall.