Colour and Light

Try This At Home

Coloured water

You Will Need

  • At least six clear plastic cups
  • Red, yellow and blue food dye
  • Water

What to Do

  1. Pour water into three of the cups.
  2. Use the food dye to make one cup red, one yellow and one blue.
  3. Now experiment with mixing the colours. See if you can guess what the new colour will be before you mix them.
  4. Try mixing equal parts of each colour and then more of one colour than another colour. How does more or less of one primary colour effect the shade of the secondary colour?

 What’s Happening?

The colours are mixing and combining to form a different colour.

Discover More

What colour do you get if you mix all three colours together? Try it and find out.

Did You Know?

Red, yellow and blue are called primary colours. When mixed together they create different colours called secondary colours such as orange, green and purple.