Try This At Home

Flying Feather

You Will Need

  • An empty squeezy sauce bottle
  • A small feather or a small piece of light-weight paper

What To Do

  1. Place the pointy bit of the feather into the top of the bottle.
  2. Give the bottle a squeeze and see how high you can make the feather fly up.
  3. You can also make the feather disappear! To do this squeeze all of the air out of the bottle and hold it squeezed.
  4. Put the feather in the top and let go of the bottle. The feather is gone!
  5. To get the feather out again, just tip the bottle upside-down and give it another squeeze.

What’s Happening?

When you squeeze the sauce bottle a puff of air comes out. We can’t see the air but we can see what effect it has on objects, like the feather.

Discover More

How high can we make the feather fly? What other things can we make fly? What could you make fly if you used more air? Try to make a ping pong ball or balloon fly using a hairdryer. Get an adult to help you and have the hairdryer setting on cool.

Did You Know?

  • Birds have light skeletons which is one of the reasons they can fly. Some birds even have hollow bones.
  • If a human had wings proportionately the same size as a bird’s they would not be able to fly because our bones are too heavy.