Insects and Spiders

Try This At Home

See what insects and spiders you can find in your garden!

You Will Need

  • A Plastic container
  • A magnifying glass

What To Do - Always under adult supervision

  1. Put some holes in the top of your container. This is so the insects can breathe!
  2. Look around your garden and see what insects you can find.
  3. Collect insects and spiders and put them into your container. Be careful of picking up insects like ants that may bite you, and never touch a spider (though don’t be too scared!)
  4. Make sure you collect some leaves and twigs for them to eat.
  5. Use your magnifying glass to have a closer look. Watch how they move.
  6. Don’t forget to let them go back into the garden after wards.

What’s happening?

By collecting insects you can have a closer look at them and learn about their habitat. How many legs do they have? How do they move? Where do they live? What do they eat?

Discover More

What insects live in your local park? Have a look around and you’ll notice many different types of insects. Collect some in plastic containers for a closer look.

Did you know?

All insects have three body par ts and six legs. Most spiders have two body par ts and eight legs. A spider’s legs are attached to the front body par t and the webbing comes out the back. Some spiders are venomous and can harm you, so remember never touch a spider!