Inside the Body

Try This at Home

You Will Need

  • A few big sheets of paper or cardboard
  • Some textas or crayons
  • A book about the human body

What To Do

  • Have your child lie down on a large sheet of paper and trace around their body.
  • This is the outside of their body, now they need to draw the inside!
  • Look in a book about the human body to see the different bones and organs that are inside our body, and talk about them as you draw them.

What’s Happening

By drawing their own body your child can learn a lot about their bones and organs.

  • Where do all the bones go?
  • What do the different organs do?
  • Draw the path that food takes through our body.

Discover More

  • Where is your stomach, heart, lungs and brain?
  • What does each of these organs do?

Did You Know?

  • Your hear t pumps blood around your body. Blood carries oxygen to your muscles. When you exercise, you breathe harder and your hear t pumps faster to take more oxygen to your muscles.
  • Without bones we would be all floppy like a jelly fish. The head bone is called the skull and it protects our brain just like a bike helmet.
  • The biggest bone in our bodies is our thigh bone, also called a femur. Our biggest muscle is in our bottoms, called the gluteus maximus.
  • The stomach breaks food down into smaller parts that can pass through the rest of our body easily. A full stomach can be nearly 30 times bigger than when it’s empty.