Moving Toys

Try This At Home

Investigate how your toys can move in different ways.

What to Do

Choose a toy that can move, eg. Toy car, ball, spinning top, doll with moving parts etc... While playing with the toys Investigate and ask these questions:

  • How does it move? (i.e. it rolls)
  • What parts move? (i.e. wheels)
  • What action makes it move? (i.e. push)

Different toys will move in different ways, have different parts that move and will require different actions to make them move. Have fun investigating how your toys move.

What’s Happening

Toys need an action to make them move. You may need to push it or spin the toy to make it move. When you push or spin a toy you are giving kinetic energy to the toy to make it move. Some moving toys use batteries and electricity to make them move. These types of toys still need an action – you usually have to turn them on with a switch to create an electrical circuit before they can move.

Discover More

How many different ways can you make a ball move? Investigate different action you need to do to make a ball move in different ways. I. e. Roll (push away), bounce (push down), throw (push up), spin (turn it around).

Did You Know?

People can move too—How can you move? We can move our arms, legs and head. We can also move our whole body.

  • Can you walk, crawl, run, jump, skip, spin and turn around? Which part of your body moves when you do these different actions?
  • When people walk, run or jump we push off the ground with our legs and feet. Try jumping and feel how you push off the ground.