Try This At Home

Listening Boxes

You Will Need

  • Five containers with lids (any sort of containers as long as they’re not see-through. Film canisters work well.)
  • Four things to put inside the containers (such as rice, salt, chick peas, rocks etc.)

What To Do

  1. Fill two of your containers with the same thing and the remaining three with the other things. Pick things that will sound different when you shake the containers. Close the lids tightly.
  2. Shake the containers and listen to the noise each one makes. Try to find the two that sound the same. Which sound is the same?

What’s Happening?

Your brain hears the sounds and compares them to the sounds you remembered from the other containers to find a match.

Discover More

  • Which one is loudest or quietest?
  • What other words can you use to describe the sounds?

Did You Know?

  • We can see things because of light entering our eyes. Light reflects off objects around us and travels into our eyes and hits the retina at the back of the eye. The retina then sends a nerve signal to our brains, which tells our brains what we see.
  • When we hear a sound wave, it vibrates a part inside our ear called the ear drum. This causes several other bones and special hairs inside our ear to vibrate and send a nerve signal to our brains which tells our brains what we are hearing.
  • Some people don’t have full use of their senses such as their hearing or vision. Discuss this with your child.
  • Our sense of taste depends not just on the taste buds on our tongues but also our sense of smell.