Come and celebrate the opening of Above and Beyond on Saturday 25 March!

Strap yourself in for a fun-filled day of flight. With tethered balloon rides, rocket experiments and activities from some of Australia’s most well-regarded aerospace and aviation organisations, Take Flight @ Questacon is sure to take you up, up and away!

Above and Beyond at Questacon is the ultimate interactive and multi-sensory flight exhibition that invites you to experience what it takes to make the ‘impossible’ possible in and above the sky. Above and Beyond is open at Questacon from 25 March until 23 July 2017.

Tethered balloon rides are free with normal admission from the ticket desk. Tethered balloon rides will operate from 8.30–10.30 am. All outdoor activities, including tethered balloon rides, are weather dependent. Tickets available from 8 am.

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Questacon hot air balloon flying over the Questacon building.


From demonstrations from the Australian Border Force Detector Dogs through to flying an F/A-18 with the Blue Angels, make sure you visit the stalls of all our supporters and immerse yourself in the complete Take Flight experience!

logo Australian Army

Australian Army

  • See a Shadow 200 unmanned aerial vehicle;
  • See first-hand a Black Hornet aerial system;
  • See an explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) robot, bomb suit and EOD tools;
  • Listen to the Australian Army Band.
logo Royal Australian Air Force

Royal Australian Air Force

  • Fly high in a Super Hornet using the latest in virtual simulation technology.
logo Australian Border Force

Australian Border Force

  • Learn about the Detector Dog Program;
  • Learn about substance and trace detection technology.

Detector Dog Demonstrations
(Amphitheatre 11 am, 2 pm)

logo Royal Aeronautical Society

Royal Aeronautical Society

  • Learn why jet engine blades are made of titanium, and why new aircraft are made mostly out of plastic.
  • Learn what it's like to fly a FA-18 or take a walk on the Moon.
logo Recreational Aviation Australia

Recreational Aviation Australia

  • Experience a pre-flight briefing from a flight instructor;
  • Discover more about the small, yet mighty world of ultralight and recreational aviation.


Two people standing in the inside of the Questacon hot air balloon

8.30-10.30 am

Climb on-board the Questacon hot air balloon and go up, up and away! Please note that tethered balloon rides are free with normal admission from the ticket desk.

Children must be 5+ years and must be accompanied by an adult on the tethered balloon.


Image of a constellation

12-12.30 pm (Japan Theatre)

Mr Badri Younes is the Deputy Associate Administrator for Space Communications and Navigation at NASA. Mr Younes will be speaking about the role of space communications and navigation in the future of space exploration—to Mars and beyond.

Suitable for ages 10 and above.


Films will be screened in the Japan Theatre and are free with a Questacon admission ticket.

Suitable for ages 10 and above.

What We Can't Do

9.30-10.15 am

Chronicles how Bill Boeing took the invention of the airplane and forged an industry, delivering advancements in communication, transportation and welfare.

In the Vastness of Space

2.30-3.15 pm

Tells the story of Project Apollo and humankind's first journey to the moon on Apollo 8.

Miracle Planes

10.45-11.30 am

Details the role American industry and planes, like the Boeing B-17, B-29 and North American P-51 Mustang, played in the allied victory over Germany and Japan.


3.45-4.30 pm

Reveals the technology, resources and risk required to build commercial aircraft in the modern world through the story of Boeing's most recent revolution in jet design, the 787 Dreamliner.

Shrinking the Earth

1.15-2.00 pm

Tells the story of three Boeing planes that launched the jet age—the B-47 bomber, the 707 and the iconic Beoing 747 Jumbo Jet.


Get ready to take off as our Questacon Excited Particles strap you in for an unpredictable ride.

decorative image

Flightless Fairy

9.30 am - 2 pm

The Questacon fairy cannot fly because she's lost her fairy dust! Chat to her about the science behind how things fly.

decorative image

Paper Rockets

10 am - 4 pm

It's not rocket science... or is it? Design, construct and launch your own air-powered paper rocket. It'll be out of this world!

decorative image

Solar Bags

11 am - 2 pm

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Or is it a QFO (Questacon Flying Object)?

decorative image


12 - 2 pm

Keep an eye out for the Questacon Astronauts; taking small steps for humans but giant leaps for humankind.

decorative image

Dr Scar

2.30 - 4.30 pm

Learn the science of cuts and bruises as the "Doctor" paints your face with realistic gore effects.


Head to the Spectacular Science Show marquee to watch these flight-themed shows! Suitable for all ages.

Duration: 20 minutes

decorative image


10 am, 11.20 am, 12.40 pm, 2 pm

How do aircraft stay in the air? What are the forces of flight? How do you steer? Join us and strap yourself in for take-off!

decorative image


10.40 am, 12 pm, 1.20 pm, 2.40 pm

The science of the humble balloon. From early ballooning up to today, you'll be fit to burst and go completely Balloonatic.


logo Q Shop

The Pop-up Flight Shop will be offering an exclusive range of flight-related products for sale on the day to allow further exploration at home. Visit us outside to learn more!


Q Club

Fill your head with science and join the thousands of people who are part of the coolest science club in town: Q Club. Benefits include unlimited entry, discounts at our café and Q Shop, plus heaps more! Q Club memberships are available via the ticketing desk located in the foyer at a discounted rate for today only.


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