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Q Lab, Gallery 4




​Sometimes we don’t see the animals that live around us, but there are some clues that can help us work out who our neighbours are!  For thousands of years, First Nations people have developed and maintained expert tracking skills and animal knowledge to identify and care for native animals.   

​Have you ever wondered what animal a footprint might belong to? Or what animal left behind a smelly scat?  

What's involved?

Join us in Q Lab as we uncover some of the clues our furry and feathered friends leave behind. Activities include: 

  • ​Creating animal tracks in sand. Follow in the footsteps of our furry friends and experiment with different ways to make tracks.  

  • ​Exploring how First Nations people have used symbols to represent and share knowledge of the tracks and movements of native Australian animals. 

  • ​A facilitated scat dissection with one of our talented presenters. Discover what native Australian animals eat! 

​Featuring resources from Wingaru Kids and Koori Curriculum. 

Things to know

  • ​This activity is for visitors of all ages.  

  • ​No bookings required. This activity is included in your general entry ticket. 

  • ​Activity will be running 9am to 5pm from Monday 8 July to Sunday 21 July. 

  • ​Tracks and scats activities will take place in Gallery 4, Q Lab. 

  • ​Contact info@questacon.edu.au for more information.