2 to 4 September 2024


South Australia


6 hours




Are you a primary school educator looking to ignite a passion for STEM in your students? 

Do you dream of a classroom where students are actively engaged in building, designing, and problem-solving? 

In Term 3 we’re headed to South Australia! Join us for our FREE workshops and we'll show you how to harness the power of the Engineering Design Process to transform any lesson into a hands-on STEM adventure.

In the workshops, we’ll delve into a practical civil engineering unit called ‘To Get to the Other Side: Designing Bridges’. Through these units, you'll gain valuable experience and discover innovative teaching strategies to: 

  • Spark student curiosity and engage students in exciting activities that encourage building, designing, and problem-solving.
  • Foster cross-curricular learning and learn how to seamlessly integrate STEM concepts across various subjects, creating a deeper understanding for students.
  • Build teaching confidence in STEM through practical experience and unlock innovative teaching strategies that empower you to confidently guide students through the engaging Engineering Design Process.

Things to know

  • Aimed at primary school educators. 
  • Sessions are FREE to attend, but registration is required to secure your spot. 
  • These workshops will be offered in September, Term 3. Specific dates and times will be available upon registration.
  • Workshops will be held in Northern Adelaide and Underdale.

Contact the team at teachers@questacon.edu.au for any enquiries.

About the unit

In To Get to the Other Side: Designing Bridges

In this unit, students explore the connections between force, balance, stability, environmental impact and the design of bridges.

Over the course of the unit, students carry out investigations to observe how forces affect the stability and function of structures, create budgets and learn to work with criteria and constraints. They create models of bridge structures and collect data based on strength and stability of different materials. Students will then follow the steps of the Engineering Design Process to imagine, plan, create, test and then improve their own bridge designs. 

This unit has links to the National Curriculum and a strong cross curricula focus.

About the program

Questacon Engineering is Elementary is a program that builds your confidence and capacity to teach engaging and meaningful STEM in the classroom.