16 to 18 August




1 hour


Secondary students


How does the human body change in space? What space jobs will there be in the future? What technologies will help us go from surviving to thriving in outer space?

Explore all this (and more!) in this interactive webinar! Questacon will bring you a once-in-a-lightyear* experiment-filled experience.


(*technically correct even if you attend two webinars, because a lightyear is a measure of distance!)

Things to know

These webinars will be in the afternoons of 16 to 18 August for National Science Week 2023.

  • FREE but bookings are essential as spots are limited!
  • 60 minutes in duration
  • Best suited for Year 5 to Year 10
  • You will need reliable internet access and access to Zoom

To book your place, head to DART Learning

For more information, email DigitalOutreach@questacon.edu.au