Reptiles and Frogs

Try This At Home

Look For Lizard

You Will Need

  • Local lake or park
  • A keen eye!

What To Do

  1. Take your child to the local park or lake and look for lizards.
  2. They will often hide when they hear a person, or any other animal approaching, so you will have to be quiet and look carefully.
  3. Don’t touch a wild lizard because it may bite. Just carefully take a close look.

What’s Happening?

Do this activity in the warmer months, not in winter. This is because many lizards hibernate (sleep) during winter.

Discover More

The Australian National Botanical Gardens is a wonderful place to go looking for lizards and frogs. Walk around the gardens and you should see many native lizards and frogs. Remember, just look, don’t touch!

Did You Know?

Crocodiles, snakes, lizards and turtles belong to the reptile family. Reptiles all have cold blood, not like a mammal that has warm blood. Reptiles have to warm themselves in the sun. The world’s largest reptile is the Australian Saltwater Crocodile which can grow to over 3 metres long. Baby frogs don’t look like frogs. They are called tadpoles and live in water. As they grow they go through a process called metamorphosis, which means they change—growing legs and lungs, and change into a frog.