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What's On


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    Discover the science behind crashes and collisions. Sir Isaac Newton wouldn't know what hit him!

    A woman in overalls, wearing a safely crash cap and holding a plush toy cow.
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    All you’ve ever wanted to know about dinosaurs. New theories, old myths debunked, exciting new fossils uncovered.

    A man with his hands in the air in front of a large screen with various photos of dinosaurs.
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    No matter how inhospitable the environment, there is something that lives and thrives there.

    A man wearing a collared shirt is pointing and sanding in front of a screen that has a blueprint of a bug on it.


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    Join Mutty the Muttaburrasaur for another dinosaur adventure this time set in the Australian Outback with a host of all-Australian dinosaurs. Theres a gathering, a stampede, a chase and a whole lot of dinosaur fun. Will Everyone escape the hungry Allosaurus?

    This is the Excited Particle's favourite dinostory puppet show and is a perfect way to entertain the junior palaeontologists in your tribe. Suitable for children 3-9 but fun for the whole family.

    two dinosaur puppets.
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    Explore the mysterious world of spiders and discover what makes these amazing arachnids unique!

    Close up photo of a spider. Photo by Thomas Shahan. Creative commons by 2.0
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    The science of the humble balloon. Come on a journey and go completely balloonatic.

    A man wearing overalls and a old leather flying cap with balloons around his head.
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    Answer the call of the wild and compete in the ultimate game of survival.

    A man point into the air, with a large screen of dinosaurs behind him.


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    Levers, pulleys, jets and wheels. Find out how you can —  Move It!

    A man pulling on a wooden pole that has a series of ropes and pulleys attached.
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    A fun and explosive show based upon the science of the amazing substance known as Liquid Nitrogen, one of the coldest substances known.

    A man wearing safety glasses standing beside a cloud of gas.


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    Dr Blashtov will attempt to launch 10 rockets in 30 minutes. The Excited Particles take no responsibility for the accidental launch of children during this show.

    A picture of a man's head.
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    Join us for a graphic look at the science of mummification. This is not one for the squeamish.

    A woman looking up and smiling.

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