School Group Bookings

This information applies to School Groups with existing bookings in 2020. Information for school groups in 2021 and beyond will be available towards the end of 2020. For general visitation enquiries regarding our Mission to Mars program, please see information here .

COVID-19 Update

Unfortunately we are currently unable to accommodate school, tour or social groups, due to COVID-19 restrictions. The health and safety of our visitors, staff and the community remains our top priority. As an interactive science centre, we are taking a conservative approach to reintroducing school visits.

Questacon is in the final stages of planning for the return of school groups.

We hope to share our reopening plan with you soon, however we are still a few weeks away from this stage.

Once our plan to reopen for school groups has been approved by our Department, we will be able to provide you with details of our new program, associated risk assessments and additional information about visiting Questacon.


Making A School Booking (2021 onwards)

We have had to put a temporary freeze on all new bookings for all of 2021. This is to allow us to manage our existing bookings within a smaller program capacity and with new health guidelines. While we assess how we transition into our new programs, we are discouraging booking holders from making any changes to their bookings.
School bookings for 2022 can be made on the Book Canberra Excursions (BCE) platform.
Your first step will be to register as either a school teacher, tour operator or social group.
For further enquiries or home school bookings, please contact the Schools Experience Program team on or (02) 6270 2893.

Three young boys with smiles on their faces are standing next to a replica human skelton and comparing a human skull and a large primate's skull.


Venue safety information and insurance

Duty of Care rests with the teachers or adults associated with each group. It is expected that a teacher or adult associated with each group is present in any Questacon gallery the students or children are in.

Liability insurance and conserving visitor safety through Workplace Health & Safety initiatives are core components of Questacon’s operations.

Questacon’s venue risk assessment

Questacon’s general liabilty insurance certificate of currency 2020-21

Questacon’s property insurance certificate of currency 2020-21

N.B. If you are having trouble accessing either of the above documents, please contact the Schools Experience Program Office via details below.



(per person)
Supervisor free entry
to student ratio *
Pre-school $15.00 1:4
Primary $15.00 1:10
Secondary $15.00 1:15
Tertiary $15.00 1:15

An invoice will be issued following the visit. Alternatively, payment may be made upon arrival by cheque, credit card, cash or EFTPOS.

* Entry for additional supervisors is priced at the same rate as their students.



If you have any further enquiries please contact our Schools Experience team.