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Gallery 1: CURIOSITY: Building Breakthroughs in LEGO® Bricks

Pack your curiosity, leave behind the textbooks and join us for an unforgettable experience this May, where breakthroughs are built, one LEGO brick at a time! 

CURIOSITY: Building Breakthroughs in LEGO® Bricks is a hands-on learning experience that brings science and history to life in a collaboration between world-famous LEGO Certified Professional Ryan ‘Brickman’ McNaught and Questacon.

Learn more about CURIOSITY: Building breakthroughs in Lego® bricks.

Gallery 2: Fundamental

Create unique and mesmerising patterns using the power of pens and pendulums with our much-loved Harmonograph. Explore Angry Arms and Pendulum Snake, where you’ll discover how predictably unpredictable pendulums can be.

Use the Light Harp to perform a concert without touching a single instrument – it uses beams of light and light sensors to make music! Or shake and shimmy in front of the Recollections IV camera to see your dance moves create colourful patterns on the big screen.

Visit Curiosity Corner, where our amazing Volunteer Explainers can help you try some fun science demonstrations and exercise your brain with logic puzzles.

There's fun for all ages at Fundamental!

Learn more about Fundamental.

Gallery 3: Awesome Earth

Experience the power and beauty of our awesome Earth! Discover the driving forces of our world and see Earth through new eyes by engaging with dynamic, hands-on exhibits.

Investigate the causes of tornadoes and learn how scientists predict tsunamis.

Let lightning spark your imagination! Safely experience a lightning strike with the Caged Lightning exhibit and use a Wimshurst machine to create the crackle of static electricity.

Do the wonders of the sky tickle your fancy? Find out why the sky is blue and how rainbows are made by exploring the behaviour of light.

An exciting experience where every Earthling can marvel at the grandeur of our planet at Awesome Earth!

Gallery 4: Q Lab

Ask questions, test theories and experiment with others in Q Lab!

Have you ever wondered how something works, or why it works the way it does? Q Lab gives you the chance to investigate the world around you like a scientist. You will be encouraged to ask questions, observe, develop hypotheses and experiment!

See and participate in a huge variety of science demonstrations, brought to you by our inquisitive staff. They’ll show you experiments that pop, squish, whizz and bang, and are there to ask and answer questions along the way.

Q Lab also has exhibits for you to explore. Want to know what a human hair really looks like? Get up close and personal with everyday objects using our digital microscopes!

Ever wanted to see the building blocks of our universe? Check out our giant periodic table, which has samples of nearly all the known elements!

Want to meet a real queen? Take a peek inside our beehive and see more than 10,000 of nature’s hardest workers doing what they do best.

Even if you’ve been here before, Q Lab is always changing, so there’ll be someone new to meet and something new to see. Let your imagination run wild in Q Lab!

Q Lab is best suited to visitors aged 7 years and older.

See what's happening in Q Lab!

Gallery 5: The Shed

Invent and experiment with ideas, tools, science, technologies and art. In The Shed, you can imagine, create, collaborate, iterate and innovate. Celebrate success and learn from failure – it’s all about having fun with engineering and design.

You’ll find hands-on exhibits, artworks, and a tinkering studio where you can design and make. Build the highest – or widest, or most beautiful – tower or make a cool contraption to float on a wind table.

Want to put your tinkering to the test? Join our innovative staff as they explore changing challenges in our tinkering studio. Use simple everyday objects to tackle problems or create something beautiful. If you can dream it, you can build it!

The Shed is best suited for visitors aged 10 years and over.

See what's happening in The Shed!

Gallery 6: Mini Q

Do you have a little budding scientist on your hands? Mini Q—fun for 0-6 year olds is a space built specifically for curious toddlers!

Each zone in Mini Q encourages your young children to explore their environment through a process of observation, prediction, testing and refining. This helps little (and big) scientists to learn about the world around them, inspire their imagination and build their confidence.

Discover what you might find in Mini Q!

Gallery 7: Excite@Q

A complete hands-on, minds-on experience guaranteed to bend both mind and muscle.

See the unseen as you view yourself in thermal vision! Compare how hot your hands are with how hot your head is, and explore which materials block heat.

Can you keep your balance – and trust your senses – as you move through the ‘rotating’ Rototron?

Excite@Q is a high-octane experience for all ages. Get excited about Excite@Q!

Gallery 8: Friend or Foe – The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Friend or Foe features more than 100 AI-generated artworks curated by Australian digital artist Luke Millanta. The centrepiece of the exhibition is a digital artwork presented on the Questacon QMAX large format screen, along with a range of other stunning digital artworks that seek to interrogate society’s relationship with AI.

This exhibition asks viewers to consider the themes of copyright and ownership, the nature of creativity, and bias in AI.