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Centre activities are displayed in Centre daily and listed on our What's on page.

If you have questions about specific activities, please contact us at

Getting to Questacon

  • Public transport facilities are close by. Plan your Questacon trip using the Transport Canberra Journey Planner.
  • Bike racks are located at the main entrance on Parkes Place West.
  • A pickup/set down area for taxis and private vehicles is located on Mall Road West.
  • Accessible parking is available in the 2 Questacon car parks located on Parkes Place West. Parking is free for Australian Disability Parking Permit holders.
  • Ramp access and automatic sliding doors are available at both centre entrances.

Entry to Questacon

  • Free entry for companion cardholders.
  • Discounted entry for concession cardholders.
  • Access days offer a quieter environment for sensory sensitive visitors. Follow us on social media for Access day information.
  • Service assistance animals are welcome. For enquiries, please call us on 02 6270 2800.

Inside Questacon


  • Partly lowered ticket desk allows for comfortable communication with staff.
  • Wheelchairs and prams are available for hire from the Questacon ticket desk. Hire is free and proof of identification is used as a deposit.
  • All galleries are accessible by ramp or lift for a continuous travel path.
  • Seating is available in each gallery.
  • The Japan Theatre is wheelchair accessible.


Hearing loops

  • The Japan Theatre has a hearing loop in the first 2 rows. Please ask our staff if you wish to use it.



  • Breastfeeding is welcome anywhere on site. We also have a dedicated quiet space in Gallery 6 (Mini Q) equipped with microwaves for milk warming.
  • Child training toilets available in Gallery 6 (Mini Q).
  • Public lockers are located on the ground floor. Hire is a $2 coin deposit that is returned upon collection.
  • Water fountains are available in the foyer, forecourt and café.


Fire and first aid

  • Fire and evacuation procedures are posted throughout the Centre.
  • All bathrooms are fitted with audio and visual fire alarms.
  • First aid is available from the information desk.

Sensory support and medical information

Questacon is an interactive and highly stimulating environment. Our exhibitions are built to engage a variety of senses, which may be overwhelming for some of our visitors. For example, some exhibits use electromagnetics, flashing lights and loud noises. For a detailed list of an individual gallery’s sensory information, please see our gallery directory.

Some problems that may arise are listed below:

  • Electrical fields and very strong magnets may interfere with the operation of some personal medical equipment, like hearing aids and Cochlear implants.
  • Flashing lights and interactive computer screens may trigger visitors with light sensitivity, such as people with photosensitive epilepsy.
  • Loud noises or bangs may trigger visitors who are sensitive to sounds. Earmuffs are available for Spectacular Science Shows in the Japan Theatre.

Medical information

Check out our health sheets for more information for visitors with:

Some of our exhibitions also have quiet spaces. Please ask staff where these are if you feel you might need a quiet space.

Some of our shows change daily. If you are concerned about your health and wellbeing, please speak to the presenter about your concerns.

If you need sensory support or additional medical information, please speak with our staff.

Contact us

If you have any questions or feedback about accessibility or any of our exhibitions, please call us on 02 6270 2800 or email us at