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Partnerships are central to Questacon’s ability to engage tomorrow’s innovators, designers and thinkers in STEM. Our enduring partnerships have been crucial to all our achievements.

We share a common vision with all our partners – to create a better future for all Australians through engagement with science, technology and innovation.

Why we need to invest in STEM

Australia’s employment landscape is rapidly changing. STEM skills are increasingly relevant across all industries and career paths. Research shows that 75% of the fastest growing occupations require STEM skills.

To safeguard future talent, industry leaders recognise that more needs to be done to engage young Australians in STEM to inspire them to face future challenges. Our unique programs are designed to inspire more young Australians to pursue STEM careers to help ensure Australia’s future prosperity.

Our partners recognise the value of our experience, expertise and high-quality exhibitions and programs, and are proud to work with us to inspire and engage all Australians in STEM. A partnership with Questacon means you are committed to investing in Australia’s young people. Together, we can create sustainable and long-lived partnerships that promote real change and a brighter future.

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