Environmental Policy

Questacon is committed to a sustainable future through environmental awareness, leadership, actions and engagement with science, innovation and technology.

To achieve its environmental objectives, Questacon will:

  • promote environmental awareness nationally by delivering inspirational experiences, exhibitions, programs, partnerships and other science, innovation and technology engagement activities;
  • endeavour to minimise waste, increase energy efficiency, mitigate environmental risks and do all things reasonably achievable to prevent pollution and protect the environment;
  • encourage staff and visitors to embrace and contribute to Questacon’s environmental initiatives;
  • work closely with all stakeholders to communicate Questacon’s aims and achievements;
  • ensure environmental issues are considered and prioritised in all aspects of Questacon’s business;
  • ensure continual improvement by monitoring, reviewing and refining processes and procedures to enhance environmental performance; and
  • comply with all relevant Commonwealth and ACT Government environmental legislation, policies and initiatives, and any other environmental initiatives which Questacon voluntarily commits to.