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The future begins with a dream. Building trusted partnerships to inspire Australia's scientific and engineering workforce of the future.


Inspiration is too important to leave to chance. That's why we make science and technology fun, interactive and relevant to hundreds of thousands of children and adults every year.

Join us in inspiring an Australian community switched on to science and technology. Help us create a scientifically engaged Australia—one that actively supports and participates in the sciences to ensure a prosperous and sustainable future for us all.

The range of partnership opportunities at Questacon is as wide as your imagination. Exhibitions that travel around the country, programmes in regional and remote communities, activities reaching out from our building in Canberra and from The Ian Potter Foundation Technology Learning Centre are some of the many partnership opportunities at Questacon.

Questacon tailors partnership opportunities to the specific strategic objectives of each partner, helping them to be a part of:

  • making science and technology more accessible in Australia for the benefit of the entire community
  • educating and inspiring tomorrow's scientists, technologists and innovators
  • helping Australia become a truly innovative society to strengthen the essential elements of a 21st century creative economy.

More Information

Michelle Canning
Marketing, Communication and Partnerships Manager
Questacon - The National Science and Technology Centre
phone +61 2 6270 2804

At a Glance


In 2015, Questacon reached over 4.5 million people across all programmes, activities and locations including:

  • Over 450 000 visitors, including over 136 000 students from around Australia, experienced Questacon in Canberra.
  • Our six travelling exhibitions collectively covered over 10 000 kilometres and were enjoyed by more than 670 000 people in eight venues across Australia.
  • The Shell Questacon Science Circus delivered 663 science shows and 36 teacher professional development workshops.
  • The Questacon Smart Skills Initiative delivered 531 hours of inspiration.
  • Questacon Smart Skills delivered 227 in-school workshops to 5317 secondary school students in regional Australia.
  • Questacon Virtual Excursion programmes engaged with over 2000 students across Australia.

Our Annual Review publication contains additional information.

Principal Partner

The Ian Potter Foundation

Logo - The Ian Potter Foundation

In 2014 The Ian Potter Foundation provided a grant of $7.8 million for significant new initiatives to engage young people with technology and innovation, this was The Foundations largest grant outside Victoria and the largest grant ever awarded in the areas of Science and Education in its 50-year history. On 29 October 2014 the Prime Minister The Hon Tony Abbott MP opened the The Ian Potter Foundation Technology Learning Centre (IPTLC) at Deakin in Canberra.

The Ian Potter Foundation Technology Learning Centre (IPTLC) offers a range of interactive experiences for students and the public to engage with technology and innovation. The IPTLCs Gallery of Australian Inventiveness features themed exhibitions showcasing Australian creativity and innovation.

The IPTLC also offers free Questacon Maker Project workshops for local and visiting interstate school groups in the Maker Space. These workshops build students’ skills in creative design, innovative thinking and problem solving, and use high-tech gadgets and low-tech materials. During the school holidays the IPTLC will hold similar workshops for students aged 10 to 16 years.

The IPTLC is the hub for the national Questacon Smart Skills Initiative, giving students across Australia, particularly in disadvantaged regions, a greater appreciation of the processes and skills involved in developing ideas and solutions to problems and refining them into useful products and processes.

"This grant reflects the importance of this project for Australia and the investment required to transition to the technology-focused, innovative, knowledge-based economy that is vital for our future."

Ms Janet Hirst
CEO (2005-2015), The Ian Potter Foundation

Technology Partner


Logo - Samsung

In 2014, Samsung partnered with Questacon to support mathematics, science and innovation programmes delivered from the Questacon Technology Learning Centre in Canberra. As a Technology Partner Samsung provides equipment such as tablets, smartphones and smart TVs, which are used for the Questacon Smart Skills programme and holiday workshops that explore design-thinking and problem-solving challenges.

"Samsung Electronics Australia and Questacon are aligned in their commitment to providing new science, technology, engineering and maths learning opportunities for young people around Australia. Our partnership supports this through the Questacon Smart Skills program.

We believe that all young Australians should have access to diverse, quality learning experiences and that we can help to enable this through our technology. Working with Questacon is an ideal way to work towards this goal.”

Shaneez Johnston
Head of Corporate Affairs, Samsung Electronics Australia

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Questacon and Samsung Electronics Australia launched a technology partnership on 13 August 2015 to inspire young Australians in science, technology and innovation. Watch the video from the launch event where a drone controlled by a Samsung smartphone played a role in launching the partnership.

Major Partners


Logo - Shell

In 2015, Shell renewed its long-standing sponsorship of the Shell Questacon Science Circus, extending the relationship between Shell and Questacon to a partnership of 30 years.

"The Shell Questacon Science Circus is an outstanding example of innovation in education. In its 30 years the program has engaged with over two million Australians thanks to a group of 400 ANU science students who have delivered the program. Shell is incredibly proud of this partnership and of the amazing contribution it has made towards the promotion of science."

Andrew Smith
Country Chair, Shell Australia


Logo - Raytheon

Following its sponsorship of Questacon's Imagination Factory—invent and play exhibition from 2007 to 2010, Raytheon Australia now sponsors the Schmidt Studio, which, via interactive video conferencing, enables Questacon to reach young inquiring minds in their own classrooms.

"Raytheon is endowed with some of the smartest, most innovative and capable engineers in our industry. We are a technology and engineering company and are intimately aware of need to motivate young people to continue their studies in maths and science. Our involvement with Questacon is a significant step forward in encouraging children to understand science in everyday life so that they are inspired to continue into scientific careers."

Michael Ward
Managing Director, Raytheon Australia

Supporting Partners

IP Australia

Logo - National Water Commission

In 2014, IP Australia partnered with Questacon to promote intellectual property (IP) awareness to secondary school students through the regional and national Questacon Invention Conventions and the Enterprising Australians exhibition. These are key components of the Questacon Smart Skills Initiative.

Celebrating and supporting the bright ideas and inventive spirit of Australians, IP Australia provides legislation that governs IP rights, such as Patent, Trade Mark, Design and Plant Breeder’s rights.

IP Australia and Questacon’s shared vision is to inspire the next generation of inventors, entrepreneurs and innovators by giving them the proper tools and mentoring to encourage students to pursue a career in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).