Live Insects

What you need

  • large jar
  • knife

Get a large jar and poke some small air holes in the lid with the point of a knife. Search outside under bark and in tree litter for an insect to go in the container. Once you find the insect, collect some soil sticks and leaves from where you found it and put them in the bottom of the jar. Then add the insect and have a good look at it. If you have a magnifying glass, have a close look at the insect.

What they learn

Children get to see a small living organism and observe how they move and what they need, like food and water. Young children are usually still developing their concept of what is or isn’t alive.

To keep the insect as a pet, find a book or look on the internet to find out what it is and what it needs. All insects will need wet cottonwool/tissue or a piece of carrot in the jar for moisture.

Encouragement questions

  • How many legs does it have?
  • What do you think it eats?