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See colour as you’ve never seen it before! Is your yellow the same as mine? How do pixels and paint differ? Have you ever wanted to see UV light like an insect? Visit the Room of Missing Colours and hear fascinating stories from people who see colour when they hear music. Discover Colour and see the world in a new light!

Explore the stories of colour through four broad themes:

  • Coloured Light – the origin of all colour
  • Controlling Colour – colours added, removed and transformed
  • Seeing Colour – experience, thoughts, understanding, action
  • Making Sense of Colour – human, animal, and machine vision

Hire me

Contact us to hire the Colour exhibition.

Phone: 02 6112 9750

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Good to know

  • 25+ exhibits
  • Ages 5 to 14 years (but suitable for all ages)
  • Floor area: up to 500 square metres
  • Minimum hire period: 3 months
  • Set-up time: 7 days
  • Take-down time: 7 days