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Earth Quest takes visitors on a voyage from the outer limits of the Milky Way galaxy to the very centre of Earth. Be astounded by astronomy, baffled by biology, and amazed by everything in between!

Visitors will engage with the science of Earth and space by exploring big questions. Why do we have seasons? How did mountains form? How have animals adapted to life in different climates? How do scientists know what’s at the centre of the Earth even though we can’t dig deeper than 12 kilometres below ground?

Hire the exhibition for a fun, fast and portable way to learn about the science of our Earth and solar system.

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Contact us to hire the Earth Quest exhibition.

Phone: 02 6112 9750


Good to know

  • 30 exhibits (grouped together to form 10 pods)
  • Ages 8 to 12 years (but suitable for all ages)
  • Floor area: 250 square metres
  • No power required
  • Set-up time: Half day
  • Take-down time: Half day