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Questacon's travelling exhibition Perception Deception explores your brain's ability to take sensory signals and paint a mental picture of your environment. It is mainly targeted at visitors aged 10 years and above, but can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Perception Deception's 28 exhibits consist of hands-on experiences that will engage visitors of all ages. Perception tests and illusions will reveal how our brains edit, prioritise and even add information about the things we see, hear, touch and think. The exhibits cover themes of visual, audio, audio-language, tactile and social perception. Do you see the same yellow as a friend? Do you feel a phantom hand? Can wire feel like velvet? Can you make up a memory? Which face seems more likeable?

Hire the complete exhibition, or part of it, to astound your visitors with the science of perception.

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Contact us to hire the Perception Deception exhibition.

Phone: 02 6112 9750


Good to know

  • 28 exhibits
  • Ages 10 years and above (some exhibits suitable for younger audiences)
  • Floor area: 400 square metres for the full exhibition
  • Minimum hire period: 3 months
  • Set-up time: 5 days
  • Take-down time: 5 days