About the game

Cyber Team Red is a tabletop role-playing game designed for 2 to 4 players aged 12 and up, plus a Game Master. The game explores cyber security concepts using teamwork, problem solving and communication. 

You don’t need experience in tabletop role-playing games or cyber security to play Cyber Team Red.

The Game Master narrates the game world, and the players take on the roles of elite cyber professionals known as Cyber Team Red. These characters live within the game world, making decisions and dealing with the consequences as the mission is completed.

Each character has special skills and talents, and it’s up to the players to decide how and when to deploy them. 

The game is played through 5 phases:

Phase 1: Mission briefing

The Game Master tells the team their location and mission objective and introduces the rules of the game.

Phase 2: Gather intel

Players use their character’s special abilities to learn about the mission environment and formulate a plan of attack.

Phase 3: Mission

The action! Characters move through the game world, working as a team to make decisions, solve problems and overcome obstacles.

Phase 4: Exfil

Regardless of whether they complete their mission, run out of time or blow their cover, the characters need a way out! 

Phase 5: Debrief

Players, including the Game Master, reflect on what went well, what was unexpected, and what challenges they faced.

You'll need

To play the game you'll need the following resources (available for download and printing): 

  • The Game Master’s Guide to the Game
  • Quick Reference Card
  • Character Cards
  • Gather Intel Cards
  • Time Counter and Alert Level trackers 

You'll also need:

  • 2 to 4 players, plus a Game Master (best played with 4 players and a Game Master)
  • Three 6-sided dice per player (Can be played with 5 dice total)
  • A pen and paper
  • A timer (a phone or tablet will do)
  • Your imagination!
  • About 60–90 minutes to play the game.

The game is designed so that players (apart from the Game Master) can sit down at a table, choose a character and be ready to play within 10 minutes. The Game Master needs to read and understand the Game Master’s Guide to the Game before playing.

What to do

Safety warning

Small objects such as dice could be a choking hazard. Cards should be cut with safety scissors by an adult.

  1. Download and print the resources (recommended double sided, flip on short edge).
  2. Using a pair of safety scissor carefully cut out each of the game cards.
  3. The Game Master is recommended to read through the Game Master’s Guide to the Game in preparation for running a playthrough.
  4. From this point on the Game Master’s Guide to the Game will provide instructions on how the games is to be played – have fun!

Questions to ask

The debrief phase is a great way check what each player learned from the mission. It also helps reinforce awareness of cyber concepts and roles.

The Game Master leads the debrief. Some helpful questions to ask players are:

  • Why do you think you ran out of time, or blew your cover?
  • Did your plan hold up?
  • What didn’t work out the way you expected?
  • What would you do differently next time?

What’s happening

Cyber Team Red helps young people learn about careers in the cyber industry. This resource explores different cyber roles that each Cyber Team Red character might be interested in, based on their skills and abilities.


Are you an educator or group leader seeking a hard copy print of Cyber Team Red to use in your organisation?

Please reach out to request a copy or provide any feedback.

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