You’ll need

A bathtub (with a plug) filled with water

What to do


Always supervise children when they’re around water.

This is best done during regular bathtime.

  1. When your child is in the bath, ask them to listen as you tap the inside of the bathtub (tap above the water level).
  2. Now ask your child to put one ear under water and listen again as you tap the inside of the bathtub in the same spot.
  3. Repeat steps 2 and 3 so they can compare the 2 sounds.
  4. Encourage them to try it themselves.

Questions to ask

What does the tapping sound like above the water?

What does it sound like from under the water?

Which one sounds louder?

What's happening

This game allows your child to experience hearing in a different way. This helps them understand that sound travels differently through water and air. When they are under water the tapping will sound louder because sound travels better through water than through air.