Did you know that your journey at Questacon starts before you enter the centre? Start by stepping into the Science Garden where you can explore the wonders of science and nature through our interactive exhibits.

Sculptural Flowers: Nature's Living Art

The sculptural flowers inspired by sun orchids “grew” in early 2024. Towering at 5.4 meters, and covered in photovoltaic panels, they open and close in rhythm with the sun's movements, just like real flowers! By night, they light up, blending sustainability and beauty in a moonlit bouquet.

Rock Xylophone: Harmony of Geology

Next, we make our way to the Rock Xylophone. The xylophone, crafted from granite, invites us to explore our musical potential. As we strike the stones, they produce resonant tones that echo through the air – a blend of geology and acoustics that really rocks!

NKRYPT: Deciphering History's Secrets

Super spies can adventure on to NKRYPT: eight stainless steel pillars with hidden messages based on cryptography principles. Some puzzles are easy but others are much harder! Legend has it, no one has yet cracked the whole puzzle. Will you be the one to unveil a piece of secret communication history?

Flickering Leaves: Wind's Dance

At Flickering Leaves, the wind takes centre stage. Silver discs shimmer and sway in the breeze, creating mesmerizing patterns that mimic fields of grass. If it’s a windy day, you might even hear the discs moving against each other.

Granite Ball: Defying Gravity

Our journey concludes with Granite Ball, a testament to powerful physics in our natural world. Suspended effortlessly by water pressure, this 633 kg sphere defies gravity! It's a marvel of engineering and hydrodynamics that leaves us in awe of the natural forces at play.


Experience Canberra's fusion of art and science

Questacon’s interactive outdoor installations are more than just exhibits, they're ways to explore and discover our world. Each exhibit invites us to play, learn and discover the world around us in new ways. Visit our Science Garden before or after you explore our Centre!