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EuroScience showcased at Questacon

By Questacon Media 13 Jul 2014

Questacon – The National Science and Technology Centre today launched EuroScience at Questacon, a week showcasing the wonders of science through the eyes of Europe.

EuroScience at Questacon runs between 14–18 July, featuring activities that highlight the work of European scientists past and present in a fun, family-friendly experience.

Questacon Director, Professor Graham Durant said, “People may not know that the first dinosaurs were discovered in Europe in the early 1800s, and since then some of the most fascinating dinosaur discoveries have occurred there. This is just one of many scientific discoveries with European origins being highlighted across the week.”

EuroScience at Questacon is presented in collaboration with The Australian National University Centre for European Studies and includes science shows, guest presentations, Q Lab activities, and a free Professional Development session for teachers.

Centre Director Professor Jacqueline Lo said, “We often showcase the EU from a social science and humanities perspective, so it’s great to profile some of Europe’s greatest scientific achievements to Questacon visitors.”

Highlights of the week include a chance to discover the electrifying life of Nikola Tesla, the man behind some of the most incredible electrical inventions in history.

Visitors can also enjoy a theatrical presentation of the life and science of Marie Curie based on her own notebooks and letters.

Or take a look at Europe’s astronomy achievements from Galileo to current and future missions of the European Space Agency.

Q Lab will feature demonstrations drawing on key work from past European scientists. Visitors can replicate Alessandro Volta’s electrochemical battery using a lemon, or discover George Ohm’s work that led to the humble light bulb.

Teachers will get an insight into some of Europe’s most famous scientists with experiments from Newton, Pascal and Archimedes that can easily be replicated in any classroom.

The full programme is available on the Questacon website.

Media contact: Annie Harris, Senior Communications Advisor – Media, 0439 399 912