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Last chance to be MathAMAZED!

By Questacon Media 20 Feb 2017


Mathamazing and Byte Wise have excited and captivated Questacon visitors through the exploration of probability, statistics, logic and problem solving. These two exhibitions have been testing visitors’ attitudes to maths highlighting its importance in our everyday lives.

Mathamazing uncovers the maths that underlies the world we live in, from how knitting answers fundamental questions about the universe to the curious fact that the fastest way between two points is not always a straight line. Byte Wise explores how computational thinking rules the modern world – from how your smartphone displays images to the perfect hole in one in mini-golf.

Proudly supported by Samsung Electronics Australia, Mathamazing and Byte Wise take the abstract and challenging worlds of maths and computational thinking and turns them into fun hands-on experiences for the whole family.

Questacon Deputy Director, Kate Driver said, “Mathamazing and Byte Wise provides visitors the opportunity to explore how maths is used practically in their everyday lives. It is vital that young Australians are engaged with mathematics and computational thinking to keep Australia at the forefront of scientific and technological innovation.”

Mathamazing and Byte Wise challenge visitors to count in binary and take on a mechanical computer in a battle of wits, multiply with a mechanical monkey, learn logic with three goats and discover how to count like a computer. 

Make sure to visit Mathamazing and Bite Wise before they close on 1 March, for your chance to WIN a Samsung Series 9, 65” SUHD curved TV valued at $6299. The winner will be drawn on Wednesday 8 March.