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A new favourite for Awesome Earth

By Questacon Media 17 Dec 2014


There have been some intriguing changes in the Awesome Earth exhibition recently! The popular Earthquake House exhibit has been transformed to the Earthquake Lab, giving visitors a brand new way to experience the shake, rattle and roll of an earthquake and to dig deeper into the science.

Earthquake Lab explores the phenomena of earthquakes by offering visitors challenges and experiments to perform. Each challenge investigates a different aspect of this important natural phenomenon and its effects. Fans of the original Earthquake House can rest assured—you will still feel the effects of an earthquake!

Visitors can try their hand at building different structures on different surfaces to see if they can withstand the shaking forces of an earthquake, or remain standing in the ‘liquefaction pit’. Accelerometers give the visitors a visual representation of an earthquake’s movement, as the ground beneath their feet begins to shake!

The challenges on offer in the Earthquake Lab give visitors an insight into the way scientists and engineers study earthquakes and come up with ways to withstand the considerable forces they can inflict on manmade structures such as buildings.

New experiments and challenges will be added to the Earthquake Lab periodically, so there will be something new for repeat visitors to enjoy.

As always, Questacon’s gallery staff are on hand to explain the science behind what visitors are observing, and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.